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Welcome to Chennai National Hospital

CHENNAI NATIONAL HOSPITAL , is an exclusive 120 bed Multi-Speciality hospital located in the heart of Chennai City. The hospital has the following specialties, each headed by a team of seasoned and senior clinicians


Emergency Department is capable of handling any emergencies round the clock it is manned by senior physician and medical officers. All resuscitation equipment’s are available in the Emergency Department to tackle any cardiac and RTA cases. Senior nurses both male and female are deployed in the Emergency Department.

We have fully equipped lab facility for all type of Routine test, Hormone Assay and Blood culture, and we have the High tech Equipment like fully Bio-Chemistry Analyser Electrolyte Analyser and Haematology equipment.


Trauma, a growing problem in metropolitan cities, when managed appropriately in the initial period has a dramatic effect on improving the condition of the patient. Emergency services are available round the clock at CNH enabling early and effective management of trauma patients. We adapt the golden hour principle to treat trauma patient for which our paramedical staffs are well trained. Our trauma team consists of specialties in the field of Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Neurology, Plastics, and cardiothoracic surgeons along with qualified Anaesthetics.


The Hospital has 4,the state-of-art operation theatres with latest equipment’s.

Cath,lab, Manufactured by Philips, Model AlluraXper FD 10 and imported from Holland is installed in our Hospital. It will help in thegeneration and study of angiogram , PTCA, PTCM and Vascular study. in house interventional cardiologists and technicians are available 24/7 .

Manufactured by Siemens, 32 slice with advanced noise reduction technology inbuilt CT-Scan equipment imported from Germany, is installed in our hospital with technicians available 24/7


20 Bedded intensive care and intensive medical care unit is manned by pulmonologist round the clock. It is well equipped with ventilators, debrifilators and zero time loss facilities.

The Hospital is in a position to accommodate all the section of people. To facilitate such society we have:

  • Paeditric ICU(PICU) and Neonatal ICU(NICU) in our CNH in the only stand of the art in entire north chennai with 247 paediatric , and experienced paediatric staff nurses with lead in clow equipements and infrastructure.


Ambulances with critical care equipment to take on-board-shift patient. 24☓7 hours ambulance and accident rescue services. A specially designed caravan with mobile X-ray unit with all diagnostic equipments is available to conduct investigation on the spot.


The Hospital is in a position to accommodate all the section of people. To facilitate we have:

  • General ward non AC

  • General ward AC

  • Twin share rooms AC

  • Single room AC

  • Deluxe room AC

  • Suite room AC



Apart from in-patient care, the hospital also provides large number of consultative, diagnostic and surgical services to people whose health complaints do not warrant hospitalization, through well conceived OPDs


Chennai National Hospital is equipped with four state-of-the-art operation theatres with advanced facilities. The hospital has an intensive care unit and a 24 hour emergency, trauma unit.


The hospital has installed a sophisticated, technologically advanced cath lab. This will be complemented by a 24 hour, ECG, Ultrasound, X-ray and lab services.


Each department is headed by experienced and senior clinicians with an able and dynamic team assisting them.

Trauma & Emergency Care Centre @ Ernavoor

Trauma & Emergency care centre is specially equipped to provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive emergency medical services to patients who have traumatic injuries.

The hospital has a medical team that includes trauma surgeons, other medical specialties, highly trained staff and the latest in sophisticated medical equipment.

The team specialized in trauma care & related emergency is available 24☓7 Ambulance service is also available round the clock in the hospital.

The hospital has the added advantage of being a satellite centre to Chennai National Hospital, Which is a multispecialty centre where patients requiring more definitive care could be treated.

Chennai National Hospital aims to provide outstanding patient care, living up to high ethical and professional standards.